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My Journey Learning 3D With Blender From Day 1

September 17, 2020

My Background

I want to write about my journey towards learning 3D software.

I studied filmmaking in university, did a master's in marketing and I have way too many hobbies.

  • Street Magic
  • Linux
  • Programming
  • Stoic Philosophy
  • Note Taking Systems
  • Web-Design
  • Photography
  • Constructed Languages

Getting Started

What sparked my wish to learn?

I was watching a YouTube channel called tiny houses with my family. In the middle of an episode there was a creator of tiny houses who was using 3D software to plan out the space of one of the houses.

Artwork by: Will Morriss

I thought this was awesome and something I'd like to try out.

3D vs 2D

I've been interested in 3D modeling in the past, but I decided to go on a different route and learn about 2D animation instead. 2D animation, as much as I love it, I didn't dedicate enough time to learn in properly and I don't seem to always have the drive to draw for hours.

3D on the other hand feels similar to video-editing and programming, which are two things I have experience with.

I got started by watching YouTube video's trying to figure out what's the best tool to learn. There are amazing tools, but at the end of the day I decided to go for Blender.

Urge to learn

I woke up early, around 6:00am on a Sunday out of excitement. When I get the wish to learn something new, I get this awesome urge to get to it.

I've been watching video tutorial, and right now I'm listening to an awesome podcast.

Installing Blender

Right now I'm about to download blender. I'm on Linux (Manjaro with "Awesome Window Manager") so I can't say how happy I am that blender is free and open source.

I also found out that one can use a programming language as python to create inside of blender. I'm super excited to learn python for this purpose.

Blender and Linux

I am also extremely happy to know Blender works great for Linux, the fact that Adobe hates Linux, has made me stop using Adobe and replacing it for other software. This is a shame since Adobe love it or hate it, is amazing, so I've kind of lost the habit of designing cool stuff because of this reason.

I'm also happy to see if I can even use Blender for video editing in Linux, since at the moment I'm looking for good video editing software for Linux (again).

Hour 0


Today I watched Blender Guru, he had some amazing advice for beginners.

I found who the classic YouTuber's are. I even found an awesome podcast where they all talk in a round table (Blender Nest Podcast on YouTube).

Then I got super excited for starting my first project and I found this amazing tutorial series by CG Fast Track.

Can't describe how excited I am to learn from this amazing tutorial.

I started listening to all podcasts by Andrew from Blender Guru.

Downloaded Artstation and started saving some of my favorite artwork in moodboards for inspiration.

Hour 1

I started working on the CG Fast Track tutorial series, it starts with creating a simple MineCraft scene.

After my first computer freeze with blender (after my first explosion effect)

I had to restart my computer, everything went pink.

fixed it! I just moved the location of the texture in my computer, I just needed to relink it!

Hour 5

I continued this amazing tutorial to build a minecraft structure. It took around 4 hours across two days, but I learned a lot from it.

My first second explosion

Hour 6

As a continuation to CG Fast Track's tutorial I had to design a gear.

## Hour 7

Started working on the rite of passage for every blender 3D artist.

This is the famous donut tutorial, by Blender Guru.

Hour 10

I'm starting to get familiar with some basic concepts. So I started playing around with some original simple concepts.

This were just some tests playing with simple shapes, light and some color.

Hour 13

Playing with sculpting some basic shapes

Hour 17

I've been meaning to do create an animated film for a long time now. I finally started.

This is an asset of a spaceship I got (I didn't make the spaceship). I started learning how to create stars for the bacground of the ship.

Hour 19

I was doing some random experiments and accidentally generated this shape.

I added some color and dramatic light.

Happy Accidents

Hour 20

For the past few weeks I've been fascinated by Grease Pencil. An awesome way to draw with a 2D brush in a 3D environment.

This is me vandalizing the default cube testing some concepts from a Grease Pencil tutorial.

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