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Santi Younger

Santi Younger

Professional Note-taker, Entrepreneur, Video-Editor, Linux Fanboy, Jack Of All Trades.

Hey, my name is Santi.

You can find out what I'm up to these day in my now page.

I am a Jack of All Trades with several interests. Yet they all have one thing in common. I learn to create and I create so that I can learn.

Here are some of my top interests:

  • Stoic Philosophy
  • Note Taking Systems
  • Polymath
  • Web-Design
  • Linux
  • Film-making
  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Constructed Languages
  • Street Magic

here's a quick list of weird ways to describe myself.

  • Lover of wisdom
  • Ideas aficionado
  • Obsessive learner
  • Devoted life-liver
  • Creativity enthusiast
  • Lifestyle philosopher
  • And a learn as you teach kind of guy

If That Didn't Make You Roll Your Eyes, Wait There's More... I could tell you:

  • what I studied
  • where I'm from
  • where I live
  • etc...

At the end of the day none of those things define who I am.

The Way We Introduce Ourselves Is Based On Boring Tags

Yes, we can describe the boring stuff if we wish, but most of those tags are things we do, they are not who we are.

So if you are going to use tags, then make them interesting.

Write something ridiculously epic.

I am a ---(fill in epic list)---

I challenge you to write a ridiculous description like the one I made. Send me an email and introduce yourself that way.

Name the subject line of the email: Epic Intro ---Insert your name---

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