Affiliate Partners

This page is for those of you who have already been accepted into my affiliate program.

If you ended up here by mistake you can apply here.

Here you'll find more info on how everything works

Step 1: Where to go after joining the affiliate program

Step 2: That's it

😂 Just make sure you connect your PayPal account, and from there things are automatic on your side!


Where can I share my referral link?

You are free to use your affiliate link anywhere Here are some ideas:

  • Your Website
  • YouTube channel
  • Newsletter
  • Podcast
Will this give my audience a discount?

I don't run discounts, I want everyone who buys my course to have the best possible price. My courses increase price over time (based on the value). If I did discounts then those who supported my courses early on would be at a disadvantage! It's all about customer loyalty 😎

Is there a Coupon Code I can recommend to others?

I use Teachable to manage this affiliate program, the way this works is through links rather than coupons.

What is the percentage per sale that I get?

You'll get a 10% cut out of every sale you help me make! There are some Teachable fees that will apply.

More Technical Questions (Teachable Related Stuff)
When will you be paid?

You’ll be paid via PayPal on the first business day of each month, with a one-month delay to allow for student refund requests. For example, earnings from all purchases made between March 1-31 will be paid out to you in May.

How does affiliate system work?

A cookie is created in a user’s browser whenever they land on a school page with your affiliate code attached to the URL. Any purchase the user makes on the school during the cookie period will be attributed to you, and you will receive the set commission of the sales price.

If you got any more questions makes sure to