Not Letting Obsession with Productivity Ruin Your Hobbies - My Story Reading Spider-Man Comics

Not Letting Obsession with Productivity Ruin Your Hobbies - My Story Reading Spider-Man Comics

What Hobbies Should Feel Like

My Journey Into Comic Books

I like to thing of reading comic books as a way to enjoy the moment without goals. Just pure immersion into the world of the characters we love. At least that’s what I want comic book reading to be. However, I’ve been getting this wrong, the problem is that this is not the first time that my obsession with “productivity” has tried to kill one of my new hobbies. The difference is that this time I’m becoming more aware of it.

Whether you have 1 or 10 hobbies, I’m sure you’ve felt a similar way. You are excited about this new activity, but for some reason you start putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Let me share with you what my experience with this hobbies has been so far. I hope you relate, and if you’ve felt a similar way please make sure to reach out and let me know about your experience

My Obsession With Comics

Like everyone else I’ve been a fan of Marvel films, for me it’s always been about Spider-Man and how I relate to the character. I’ve tried in the past to get into comics, but I haven’t managed to make it past only a couple of issues. This time it’s different, I’ve got an obsession that’s carrying me forward. I want to get myself in the depths of this awesome sub-culture of comics

My Experience So Far

I’ve been reading comics every day for less than a month now. I don’t know if I’ve read over a 100 issues already, but I must be close to that number, and for the most it’s been really fun, but also overwhelming. I’m still on my early stages of becoming a comic book nerd. However, as I build my obsession with comics I’m starting to feel more and more overwhelmed.

I’m mostly getting myself into the world of Spider-Man and if you are a fellow comic book reader, you will now how crazy and overwhelming in can get. There are so many story-lines, so much research to do to read things in the right order. I’ve decided to start from the beginning with Stan Lee’s original series “Amazing Spiderman Series from 1963. It’s been incredible, but the road ahead is so freaking long, there’s just too much to read!

There’s so much to read, and not enough time in the day, probably not enough time in a life-time!!

The Dangers Of Being Obsessed With Productivity And Goals

I realized that I’m developing a strange “goal oriented” approach to this hobby. I’m putting too much emphasis on consuming as many comics as I can, instead of simply enjoying the journey.

In so many areas of life we are encouraged to be as productive as we can. In my life I’ve become obsessed with productivity apps. At the time of writing this that’s pretty much what I do for a living, I review productivity apps on my YouTube channel.

With this obsession of productivity it’s easy to start approaching everything in life as a project that needs to be completed as quickly as possible.

My approach to reading Spider-Man comics has been too focused on the outcome of “reading as much as possible” I’m writing this to take a step back and remember that I can have fun.

Comparision Traps

Another problem I’ve been noticing with reading comics, is that sometimes I’m too driven by ego. I watch videos of these YouTubers that recommend comics and it seems like they've read it all. They are so knowledgeable, while I’m lost without even knowing the correct order to read things in. It seems to me like I’m so far behind and my ego wants to catch up. I get this urgency to speed and be at their level.

I’m aware of how absurd this sounds, seems like my ego wants to quickly become a Spider-Man comics authority all of the sudden. My mind is playing tricks on me and instead of simply enjoying this hobby I start to get competitive with people that have been reading comics for decades.

These Traps Are Everywhere

These comparison traps are everywhere, we fall for it at some point. We compare ourselves to others in all areas of life:

  • fitness
  • success
  • money
  • knowledge
  • professions

The only way to avoid it is by becoming aware of it.

Enjoying The Process

What I want to do is enjoy the process and let myself breathe. I’m hyper aware of how weird I sound about my worries of “comic books” it sounds like the most childish problem to have, but I know that the root of this anxiety comes from the others areas of my life.

By writing this, I can remember that it’s okay to spend time on an activities we enjoy, even when it’s just for fun. We can spend time in our hobbies guilt free, even when there’s no true goal in mind. Even if what we do won’t become into a source of money, success or any of those things we desire.

Just take a deep breathe and enjoy your passions!

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