Becoming A Firefox Power User

Becoming A Firefox Power User

Personal Preferences

These are some of the settings I've changed to make the most out of Firefox.

It started as a personal guide, but I thought it'd be better to share it.

Moving Quickly Through Tabs

ctrl+tab for cycling through tabs

ctrl+shift+tab for reverse cycling through tabs

Moving To A Direct Tab

Go to Tab 1 to 8 Alt + 1 to 8

Removing Extensions From Top Bar

Firefox Menu > Customize

Drag the add ons from top far into overflow menu.

Removing URL Suggestions Bar

I don't like the links suggestions. I rather use bookmark shortcut keywords.

This is a personal choice, without setting up keywords shortcuts, it might be difficult to navigate.

To URL suggestions disable write about:preferences#privacy in the address bar. uncheck the checkboxes you wish to disable.

Remove Firefox Messages

  • search in address bar for about:preferences#general search for "Firefox Home Content"
  • unchech "Snippets"


Top Shortcuts

  • ctrl+.shift+t Restore Closed Tab
  • ctrl+shift+N Restore Close Window
  • ctrl+R Reload
  • ctrl+ Go to Bottom of Page
  • ctrl+ Go to Top of Page
  • ctrl+shift+Y Downloads

write something in the address bar: If you want to switch it to Wikipedia or Amazon for example press:

  • Alt + 
  • Alt + 

This makes a "Switch Search Engine"

This will search it in your default search engine e.g Google.

Restoring Tabs After Closing Firefox

There's a way to make this automatic, so that when you re-open Firefox it loads all the previous sessions.

General > "When Firefox Starts" > click "Show your windows and tabs from last time."

This can be found in "Make sure the General screen is active". Under "When Firefox starts", click "Show your windows and tabs from last time".

How Not To Restore By Default

I don't like having all my windows restore every time, but if I ever need to I go to:

Firefox menu (hamburger menu / 3 lines menu)> Restore Previous Session.

Stop Firefox From Quitting When You Close The Last Tab

type about:config in the address bar. if you get a warning message, click Accept Risk (At your own risk, just don't play around with things there).

search for "browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab"

double click to change from "true" to "false"

When you close the last tab, Firefox doesn't close anymore.

CPU Performance

Find Out Which Tab Is Consuming High CPU

type about:performance in the address bar. Now you can see which tabs are consuming the most CPU.

This helps you decide which tabs to close if your computer starts having performance issues.


Multiple Rows of Tabs

This one is for cases where you need to rows of tags. Solution implies CSS.

I havn't tried this out yet, but I know it's possible. Look into the resources below.

Things To Add

I make heavy use of keyword shortcuts for opening bookmarks. This feature is amazing. I'd like to write about it.