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You can ask any questions, or if you are feeling a bit shy, just hang-out, no pressure!


I'm taking a break and a family holiday, so next live stream will be postponed. Have a great week!

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How does it work?

If you have a google account, clicking on the link above, it will subscribe you to my live streams calendar. Every time I add a new live stream you'll be able to see it your Google Calendar. And don't worry, this won't conflict at all with your existing calendar. it's a separate checkbox, that you can check and uncheck whenever you want.


I don't use Google Calendar, what do I need to set this up?

As long as you have a gmail account, you should be able to do this. If you use another calendar, check the question below.

I use a different Calendar (other than Google) can I still add this event to my calendar?

Right now I've only implemented this to work with Google Calendar, however let me know which calendar you use. And I'll let you know if I can add it!