Day to Day Writing - The Desire to Develop a Writing habit

Day to Day Writing - The Desire to Develop a Writing habit

Daily Writing?

I’ve been thinking of starting a public daily writing habit. Sharing every day a new piece of writing publicly.

A way to think out loud. However I don’t think it suits me, I get obsessive about these things, and then I quickly burn-out.

Instead I want to do something a bit more sustainable, that doesn’t require an unbreakable chain of daily public writing. So instead I want to build this habit little by little. This means it won’t be published daily, but each post is writing in 1 day.

For now I’ll call it “Day to Day Writing” instead of “Daily Writing” let’s see where it takes us.

The Writer’s Itch

My writing itch to write comes and goes. I never know if writing is something I'm meant to do, or if it's just another hobby that comes in seasons for me. Either way, I'm still too afraid to write for others. I've been keeping a personal journal for years, but it's more of my passing thoughts of the day. I also take notes with Logseq and Obsidian as a way to document things in my life that happen day to day (for my future self to find information). However I've never managed to develop a habit of writing and putting my thoughts out there into the world.

The Fear of Writing

I've been too scared to write in public, perhaps it's feeling self-conscious of the fact that English is not my first language, but I don't think that my only excuse, I managed to overcome the fear of speaking in front of a camera for YouTube so I know overcoming this fear of writing is also possible. Perhaps it's a fear of making embarrassing grammatical mistakes. When I edit my YouTube videos I'm very aware of the mistakes I make with my grammar, but people are more forgiving when you speak compared to when you write. I guess I'll just have to put myself out there and learn from my mistakes as I go.

Ideas To Share

I have ideas I want to share and I feel that if I start to put my writings out there, I'll discover a new way to communicate my ideas and thoughts.

I want to be a better writer and it seems like the best way to become one is by writing.

Sharing My Passions and Hobbies With You

In real life I talk endlessly about my newest hobbies and passions. These days It's my poor girlfriend that has to endure my hours of talking about comic books, yo-yo tricks, and productivity apps. So I'll treat this blog as a way to outsource that to "To Whom It May Concern" that's you my dear reader.

We'll see where this takes us, as always I love hearing your thoughts, so don't be afraid to contact me

PS: Believe it or not, this short post took me hours, not because of the writing, but because I’m experimenting with this amazing app called “Scrivener”.

I have love-hate relationship with it. I want to use it to organize my writings, but it took me ages to figure out a simple formatting issue I was having for posting this online. I’d love to master it so that I can teach it to others in the future, it’s extremely powerful.