How To Take Notes From YouTube Videos Efficiently AnnotateTV Overview

How To Take Notes From YouTube Videos Efficiently AnnotateTV Overview

This below is an app created by my friend Mati

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I also made a video showing you can watch it here

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How To Take Notes From YouTube Videos Efficiently 00:00 hey there what's up this is santi and today i want to help you solve one of the most annoying problems of all time yes of the whole of humanity and this is taking this is taking youtube notes notes of youtube videos right so for instance you know you're in a ted talk watching a ted talk that you enjoy or you know like watching anything in youtube in here i have an example of vsauce michael if you're familiar with him he's amazing and he here's a ted talk that i really i'm enjoying and i want to take notes on so what i end up usually doing and i bet you do too is you open another 00:30 you know you open a note taking app and here you start writing whatever note let's say something that he's talking in the set talk how does creativity work but of course if i want to revisit this i'm gonna have to put that timestamp right the correct moment in which he said this so that i can later revisit it and it keeps going you know as you keep watching the video you might say like okay this is interesting so i'm also gonna take note on that just like that and of course you're gonna have to put the correct timing in order to know where this was said and you know this is 01:00 just very tedious you also have to put the link and this is just a very tedious process if you ever want to revisit these things you're going to have to have this node open the video open and yeah it's just a tedious process that i've had to deal with for a long time i bet you had as well and i really haven't been able to find a solution for this i've tried browser extensions some note-taking apps that kind of have some features for videos or embedding the video in the note which can also be done you know like there's tons of solutions but i finally found one that i'm happy 01:30 with and i'm gonna share it with you and it's called annotate so this is what it looks like it's an amazing tool designed to solve just this problem you know i'm gonna show you i'm gonna walk you through a bit on some of the features and how it looks but it's amazing and yeah i'm super excited to work with this company because i've been talking to the creator an amazing guy called matthew from argentina we've got along pretty well and we started collaborating so now i have a really cool discount for you so if you go to santi uh well santi you will have 1 / 8 02:00 a discount a permanent discount across your subscription and this is going to save you some money and also you know as a disclaimer we are collaborating so this is an affiliate link but i truly believe in this application actually we've been talking quite a lot we set up the affiliate program from scratch because i really wanted to recommend this to you and i really wanted to work with mati the creator of this amazing tool so with that said i'll leave the link in the description you can also just use a coupon code santi but with that let me show you what it looks like because i think this is amazing and it's really solving this problem that i had for so 02:30 long i love taking notes on videos i watch tons of youtube videos and there's tons of things that i want to save i want to revisit for later and this is just the absolute best way to do it so let me walk you through how it works and what it looks like all right so yeah you can always try it there's a nice trial just to see how it works and once you have your account you can just go to your videos and in here you'll be able to see let me just click on that videos there we go yeah perfect and you know here we'll see a couple of playlists or folders and tons of the 03:00 videos that i saved right all of these are my playlists and what you can do is you can actually make it dark mode you know i is not a built-in feature i am a huge fan of dark mode and this is the extension that i actually use to make anything dark mode so when you click on it it makes tons of like web pages across the internet dark mode unfortunately annotate doesn't yet have a built-in feature at the time of recording this but this extension called dark reader which works in chrome works in firefox it works in internet explorer just kidding i'm sure it doesn't but it makes everything look super nice 03:30 and as a lover of dark mode as a lot of a lot of you out there you know i just love dark mode either way that's just kind of a weird thing about like how i use every application i just try to make a dark one so i really like how it looks with dark mode it responds super well with the extension that i'm using and if you click in new right here you'll gonna be able to either input a new url you know like something from youtube and you can give it a title of course but what's way better is if you install the chrome extension so i'm gonna show 2 / 8 04:00 you in here if you can just go to to the chrome extensions it will take you to the link you'll be able to add to chrome and once you do that you're gonna be able to actually already have that installed i have it right in here so for the sake of you know this video we can just spin it you can also add a shortcut to it if you want to if you know how but you can just pin it and have it in the top bar right here so yeah now you are going to be able to use that whenever you're in a youtube video so let's just open which i'm 04:30 sure you're familiar with it's a really nice website and let's search any video i'm gonna search something on stoic philosophy which is one of my passions you know something i love learning about it this is one of the best videos on on an introduction to stoicism so all we need to do is we actually you know we might be already watching this video here on youtube but we want to take notes on it and if you want to use annotate all we need to do is just click on the icon of annotate and that is going to send it directly there that's just going to load a new page where it's going to load it in 05:00 annotate and now it's all ready to be used which is amazing right so now from here what's amazing is that you can just play it now from annotate and you can start watching the video and you can start taking notes here in the same context where you're watching the video and whenever you're ready to confirm something that you're writing on is going to go to the sidebar right so on the left side that node is going to be saved and let's just keep ahead through the video let's take a note on another specific part you know here we go and let me just correct that there we go 05:30 okay so now that again goes to the left sidebar right and you can just keep going you can just take as many notes as you need of course here's another example there you go and then i'm just going to confirm that really cool and as you can see all the times are saved you can also resize the size of of the video if you want to take longer notes on the lower panel and yeah just it's just super cool super useful it's just such a good experience in general i i absolutely love it and you can do tons of amazing things as 3 / 8 06:00 well as you can see in here there's a transcript 30 second range you can also access the transcript of absolutely the whole video which i'm going to show you in a second but right here you can just transcript the whole thing and that is going to just take it down to the description of your of your notes in the lower part and from there you can just confirm it and that transcript is going to be saved on the left sidebar in the same way right the same this is an amazing feature as well what you can do is if there's any text in the video that you 06:30 want to you know like there's a particular amount of text that you want to save that you and you don't want to type it manually here's what you can do and it's just amazing so what you can do is just use this feature right here of the camera that is going to kind of like just grab the text and it's going to put it down there as you can see at the very bottom it says like ted ed which is just because there's a little icon of ted in here so in this case we're just going to have to delete that but it's amazing because the rest of the quote was completely saved and that is just amazing right so 07:00 another like killer feature of this amazing application is that you can access a transcript right so if you click on the transcript pane in here you'll be able to see the whole youtube generated transcript in text meaning that now you can search the whole video by by a text right and you can jump to the specific parts of the video where a particular part is being mentioned right or you can create an annotation out of it right so say you like something you can create 07:30 this into an annotation so the way that you would do that is you highlight some of the text that you want and then you can create an annotation out of that and that is going to go to the left side pane which came to the part where it really belongs right which is a in in second 19 right so there you go from there you just can skip to whatever part just by clicking on the specific timestamps that you created and you can just you know just go and resize and start reading everything that 4 / 8 08:00 you're taking notes on again you can search the transcript you can do tons of amazing things and you can even search with the search bar the specific notes that you already created if you remember something that you already took notes on you can just use this search functionality which is amazing right now from here you can just click on the three dots and you can export you know as markdown or as pdf or you can even use read wise if you have that and that way you can just take the contents of all of these you can even copy a link to share this is a really cool feature because 08:30 say you want to share these notes that you're taking on a youtube video with a friend you can just generate a copy link and now that becomes a public link that someone else can access only the people that have the link can access it and that way you can just share your notes on anything with anyone is really really cool from there you can click on the video section which is going to take you back to where all the videos are so from here you can you know we're gonna scroll down that's where we actually have our video saved but we can save it into 09:00 these collections or playlists as it's called which is just a folder where you can organize things a bit better and you can move it to the playlist and the relevant playlist right now that i'm gonna choose is philosophy right so once you select the playlist you can accept it and that is gonna actually take you to the playlist where you chose to save it and there you have it right this is gonna be together with all the other videos that you tagged as or that you put in the playlist of philosophy in my case and you can of course jump into any 09:30 specific part that you want and again like the really cool thing about this whole experience is that you make it a much better experience for yourself now you don't need to open your note-taking app you don't need to open youtube on the other side and you don't need to manually go to the specific section of the video that it took a note on you can as again like search on the whole transcript of the video which is super useful because like we know like youtube videos are hard to just like go to the specific part that you want right so you can either take notes like this or you can just even just use some of the functionality some of the 5 / 8 10:00 features like the transcript or even taking some text and converted into into sorry some image with text and converted into text tons of amazing features in here so let's see what else we got so yeah as you can see you can just organize things in all types of ways by default things go to the bottom but then you can reorganize them into playlists this is something i actually use for my own videos as you can see here i have a few of my videos and if we just open one of the ones that i recently uploaded you can just see that this is how i take actually notes of my videos 10:30 and then i format them you know exported as markdown and then i formatted so if you see these things at the bottom of my videos or a lot of youtube videos this is actually how i create it so if you make videos this is of course super helpful for that purpose but in general it's just a good way to organize things you can export it as markdown and yeah then you can just reformat it to whatever needs that you might have right so you can click on my videos and in there you can actually create playlists like i was telling you this is how i create my usual playlist uh for instance i'm 11:00 learning latin so that's something i'm taking notes on here are a couple of awesome songs translated to latin so i can just move it to the correct playlist again by clicking on the three dots that's gonna open move to playlist and from there you just select the relevant playlist and that is going to immediately you can search it actually which is really cool that is immediately going to go to the correct folder or playlist and yeah that's how you can access things right then you also have ways to categorize things you can archive certain videos you can mark them as finished 11:30 as not finished and that's how you can filter through particular videos that you are maybe still watching you know videos that you want to say like okay i haven't finished this yet so just mark it as not finished yet and then once you're finished you can just mark it as finish you know you can organize things in whatever way that you find convenient and that you enjoy right you also have a couple of settings so in the settings you can do a couple of very basic things but one of the cool things that you can do if you're actually interested in 6 / 8 12:00 checking out readwise which is an extra service that allows you to connect different applications between each other and that way you can take maybe some data some nodes from one application put it somewhere else this is really up to you but it's nice to have the option because that way you can you know like automatically synchronize everything that you write in here go into another note-taking app or anything like that so here's where you would put the read-wise token you can generate that if needed so yeah that's just a cool feature if you're ready to use read-wise or you consider using it so yeah that's how it works uh here i 12:30 have a couple of my ted talks for instance just to give you an example and i can jump to a specific part i can export it to markdown like i said and yeah just go back to my videos do all type of cool stuff here are some other videos that i have just to show you around what i have uh but yeah that's basically it so again keep in mind that i'm making it dark mode thanks to an extension so you know by default everything looks in in light mode uh but again i'm using this this thing called dark reader that allows you to change the the look of any specific 13:00 website and this one just works perfectly but this is what things look like just in case you're curious yeah it has a nice um you know blue tone to to everything and this is what things actually look like right so yeah there you go and again dark bitter you can activate it and this is what i make it look because i just think it looks a bit cooler and works perfect so so yeah that's great you can just jump to things and so on so there you have it annotate is an amazing tool i'm super happy to be working with mati the creator of this 13:30 i really want to thank him for you know for this collaboration again you can check it out in the description the coupon code that you can use santi and then that way you get a discount and i also get some benefits out of that it's just an affiliate link but i i was really you know matthew and i we've been working to make this work we we kind of like started the whole affiliate program from scratch just to make it work because i really wanted to work with him so yeah i hope you find well in this video i think it's really the best solution for taking notes 7 / 8 14:00 on youtube videos so yeah let me know if you're using this let me know if you're willing to give it a try if you find it a solution to something that you haven't been able to find a solution before like it was the case for me i was doing all types of weird stuff in order to get you know like notes out of youtube videos and this is by far the best experience i've had with youtube videos so i hope you enjoyed that again the link in the description to get it and to get it for a discount so i hope you enjoyed this video and i'll see you in the next one see you later bye 8 / 8