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Rebuilding My Website

I’ve been working for the past month on rebuilding this website. It used to be hand-coded on pure HTML and CSS, but the time it took me to maintain that system was not sustainable.

Now I’m super happy with my new set up. (which is still under construction.)

I use Org mode in Spacemacs to write and organize everything. I export everything to this website with ox-hugo, with the help of the Hugo theme called Color Your World.

If you want to learn more about how I use this tools feel free to send me a message.

Previous Updates

Previous Updates: 2019 December


  • Writing and editing daily.
  • Learning HTML and CSS to build my own website (this one).
  • Building an epic, unconventional newsletter for you (Coming soon).
  • Filming and editing videos for YouTube (Coming soon 🔜).
  • Editing podcast interviews.
  • Working on a secret epic side-project for modern Stoics.


  • Just finished my Master's degree. No more University ever again!
  • Dedicating 95% of my day to everything mentioned above.


  • I have too many ideas, not enough time and money to achieve them all.
  • I've been unsuccessfully applying for jobs for months.

(I need a day job to help sustain everything I'm creating, until I can make a living out of what I create.)

  • I want to achieve it all at once.


  • Reading 'Perennial Seller' by Ryan Holiday. 📕
  • Going through Sean Wes' amazing online courses. 💻
  • Almost done reading 'Head First HTML and CSS'. 📓
  • Just finished 'Walden' by Thoreau. Still need to organize notes. 📗
  • I need to re-watch 'The Dead Poet Society' it's a beautiful film. I've been watching clips of it on YouTube. 📼
  • About to start reading 'The Dip' by Seth Godin. 📘


This is a Now page inspired by the amazing Derek Sivers' project 📟