Obsidian Giveaway

Participate to win $100 worth of credits for Obsidian Paid Services (Sync / Publish)


You need to be a student of one of my courses to enter the giveaway!

You need to have access to either my Obsidian Course or Logseq Course. You can still participate, by joining one of my courses before the 30th of September, 2022


Winner Announcement

Winner will be announced on the month of October 2022. I’ll announce it on my Twitter and I’ll email you if you are the winner!

How Do These Obsidian Credits Work?

Your Obsidian account will be loaded with $100 USD. These can be used to get either Obsidian Publish or Obsidian Sync. At the time of writing this, that means a full year of Obsidian Sync, or 6 months of Obsidian Publish.

How Does The Winner Receive Obsidian Credits?

I’ll put you in contact with one of the OG Obsidian developers, who will load the credits to your account!

Should You Fill The Form Several Time To Improve Your Chances? No.

No, don’t be annoying 😂 I’ll count repeated entries as just one entry. If you enter more than 3 entries I’ll ban you from the internet 🙃 (I’m kidding but don’t be that guy)