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Obsidian - How To Insert "Current Time" Just Like in Roam Research

May 20, 2021

Roam Research Example

In Roam Research and in Logseq, it's possible to insert the current time super fast.

The / command shows a series of options to choose from:

If you write /time you will have the option to insert the current time

Now you can start writing and journal throught your time, knowing at what time exactly you wrote something.

In Obsidian

Obsidian doesn't have the / command. However there's a great way to implement this functionality.

Step 1

Create a folder called templates

Step 2

Go to Settings > Core plugins

Step 3

make sure the "Templates" core plugin is turned on

Step 4

Scroll down until you find the Templates plugin settings (should be a the bottom of all plugins)

Step 5

Write the name of the folder we created. We called templates

Step 6

Exit the settings

Step 7

Go to your templates folder and create a Note inside of it.

Right click (on top of the templates folder) and select New Note

Step 8

By default this new note will be called Untitled rename it to time

Step 9

Now inside that note copy paste this text


it should look like this:

Step 10

Now go to any note where you want to insert the time. This can be your daily notes, or anywhere. For the sake of this demo. I created a new note with cmd/ctrl + n and named it my note

Step 11

From this note I open the command palette with the shortcut cmd/ctrl + p

and then I write insert template

It will auto-complete.

Pro-tip, you can add a hotkey to save time. More info on how to do this at the end of this blog-post.

Step 12

Write the name of the template we created. Remember? it's called time so write it out, and press Enter.


that will insert the current time. just like in Roam

You can now use this in any note, and it will create a timestamp of the current time.

Bonus / Use a Shortcut

You can add a shortcut to Insert Template

Search for the shortcut we want to create, and click on the button "customize this command"

press a combination of keys you want to use. In my case I chose ctrl + t

Now you can access the templates much quicker

Everything Combined

This is how quickly you can use this on daily basis

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What theme are you using?

This is my theme "Wasp" you can find it in the "Community Themes" in Settings > Community Themes > Browse > "Wasp by Santi Younger" > Click Use

Do you have a video teaching how to use templates?

Yes, it's on my Obsidian course, check it out. Your support helps me create more tutorials like this for you!

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