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Obsidian Shortcuts

November 25, 2020

These is a list of my custom shortcuts for Obsidian.

These can be set by going to Obsidian Settings > Hotkeys

Opening Sidebars

Toggle Left Sidebarshift + ctrl + H
Toggle Right Sidebarshift + ctrl + L

Navigate Backalt + H

This is my prefered method, if you know vim it's extremly intuitive.

additionally I have some extra ones you might prefer:

Navigate Backcmd/ctrl + alt +
Navigate Backcmd/ctrl + [

Navigate Backalt + L

Like mentioned above, this is my prefered method.

Here are some extra ones you might prefer:

Navigate Backcmd/ctrl + alt +
Navigate Backcmd/ctrl + [

Splitting Windows

split verticallycmd/ctrl + /
split horizontalcmd/ctrl + \

Swapping Lines

Swap Line Upalt +
Swap Line Upalt + k
Swap Line Downalt +
Swap Line Downalt + j

Open Random Note

Open Random Notealt shift + R


Manage workspaceshift + alt + w
Load workspacealt + w

Reveal In File Explorer

Reveal in system exploreralt + f

Open in default app

Open in default appalt + c

Folding Headings

considering that the setting for folding is turned on in Settings > Editor > Fold Headings > (Toggle On)

Toggle CurrentAlt + Tab
Toggle AllShift + Tab
Unfold allShift + Alt + Tab

Update for folding headings shortcuts

I am currently not using these ones, since they conflict with a community plug in, I still think they work great for folding.

I'm just waiting for folding to improve in Obsidian. In the mid-time whenever I need some heavy folding I use spacemacs.

Community Plugins

These are additional shortcuts for community plugins.

Text expandctrl + lexpand list of links
Andy modealt + a
Add links to current notectrl + q
Maximizealt + x
Smart Random Notealt + r

Cylce Through Panes

Cycle through panesalt + tab
Reverse cycle through panesalt + shift + tab
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