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obsidian outline video
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Obsidian Outlliner Plugin Overview and Updates 00:00 hey there this is auntie and today i want to talk about outliners if it's possible particularly if it's possible to use an outliner inside of obsidian the answer is yes that's a spoiler alert but the cool thing is that there is a plugin in obscene in a community plugin called outliner that allows us to actually create really cool outlines inside of obsidian and i'll show you that in a second but first what is an outliner right you might be familiar or you might even use or have used something like rom research which is 00:30 the most popular outliner there's tons of things you can do with it and it's really powerful but of course you don't store it in local files you don't get to own your nodes which is something that is big for me if you listen to the things i say in this in this youtube channel i really like the idea that obsidian allows us to own our files put it in our computer be responsible for them and that's where i believe an amazing alternative like logsy which is the one that i use really shines at like this allows us to own our files so we get to owner files 01:00 but we also have all the functionality or at least most of it from rom research so the cool thing about logsy is that you can use the same files that are using obsidian to create an outline so if you really want to get into like the power features of an outliner i highly recommend locksick and that comes with a bit of an announcement that i'll be making a locksie course soon i will be releasing it soon so keep an eye for that but with all of that said let's see if it's possible to create an outliner or you know to create a powerful outline inside of obsidian right so let me just 01:30 show you what that looks like so just as an example here i have a note in obsidian about photography equipment a passion of mine and i'm just gonna outline tons of things now this is sped up of course but you can like indent use these indentations and some really cool features that i'm gonna show you in a second but it this just shows that outlining in obsidian is now possible now in obsidian it was kind of already possible to do this by you know pressing tab to to do an indentation and shift tab the same way any aligner works 02:00 but it wasn't powerful enough until this aligner outliner plugin came along it's called outliner but it's a community plugin in obsidian and as you can see in here if you're already familiar with outliners we have some advanced functionalities such as well first we can collapse things that's something that i've seen already offers but we can also zoom into things so if i click in here we're only going to see that context if i go to types of tripods but then i want to see only travel tripods here we can see only the pros and cons and in the top we can see 02:30 the hierarchy that this particular bullet point belongs to right so types of tripods i can go back there now i can see more context or i can go and zoom further into any other specific section right and if i want to go back to the main note i can just click in here and there we go so overall using an outliner in obsidian i think is an amazing idea one of two things one of two reasons why i think it's a good idea to start using outliners in obsidian first is because then you can manage 03:00 interactions and you can kind of like communicate between something like logsyk that also uses a markdown file and you can manipulate that file in obsidian or the other way around which to me that is the biggest benefit but also because you might not have an outliner tool that you want to use maybe you want to keep everything in obsidian or most things in obsidian and at some point you will see like ah this would be good to just outline like it's the best way i can represent these ideas so being able to do that in a city and i think is a huge advantage so with that said let me show you how to set up the plugin real quick 03:30 so here in obsidian we would go to the settings and then we would go to community plugins where we can browse and now we can just search for let me spell that outliner there we go and now we can install it just like that right we would give it a second and then we can enable it and from there you will see that it's already working but if you don't see these lines it's because this is a css snippet this is a hack that you can do to make things look cooler but if you don't have that you can simply go to the settings i did 04:00 that with command comma or control comma or from here and now you can scroll down as you can see i have tons of plugins outliner and you can toggle this one on there you go and once you have that one you will see the lines and you will see these bullet points this is what the plugin is doing just to make it a bit more visually appealing and all the functionality will work whether you want to use it like this or if you want to customize it yourself with css snippets so from here all the functionality that i previously showed you such as zooming 04:30 in will work again whether you have that turned on or off let me just turn it off just to show you yeah there we go if we customize it like this i have it so that i have different colors for the lines and the bullet points but i can still zoom into specific sections in the same way which is really cool i really like using it like this as well so okay there were tons of things to discuss on how to set things up properly how to use certain things how to understand certain concepts in an outliner so i put all of that in my obsidian 05:00 online course i'm sorry i couldn't share it here to be honest i need to pay rent i hope you understand and i really want to thank those who have gotten the course so far so this is a bit of an extra thank you of like this series of tutorials of how to use the outliner plugin and how to use certain concepts of outlining in obsidian so do check out my course for that if you're interested and here it is and also if you want to customize things the way i showed you so that you can have different colors of lines i also teach that in the course there's a specific section where you can see css snippets this one helps you 05:30 understand how you can better use the css hacks in order to achieve certain functionality such as the one that i showed you or you can have different colors of the lines right that is optional though but it's a cool thing to have so yeah i do appreciate if you check out the course that is the best way you can support this channel that is how you can pay me pay me help me pay rent and also how you can really help me support this youtube channel and keep making videos that i hope you enjoy right so with that said let's just have a bit of a quick overview of why an outliner in obsidian is a 06:00 great idea right so like i said you know number one you can interact with amazing applications like lockseek and number two you can really make it so that obsidian is a bit more of a complete very feature packed package where you can just do different types of things just ability to be able to have this zooming functionality where you can switch the context of things i think is amazing in obsidian so being able to use an aligner and obsidian can help you really see things in different ways organize information in 06:30 ways that weren't currently possible before this plugin so a huge shout out to the creator of this plugin this is really making obsidian so much better in my opinion and yeah i hope you enjoyed it again a bit of an overview and i really hope you enjoyed it let me know if you have any other questions or any things feel free to comment down below this video and yeah do check it out go check out the plugin and i hope you enjoyed this video see you in the next one bye