The Right Tool For Learning Personal Knowledge Management

The Right Tool For Learning Personal Knowledge Management

I've been obsessed with creating an advanced note-taking system. A system is more than simple notes, it's a knowledge base for connecting thoughts, collecting knowledge and discovering new ideas.

The Alternatives

I've spent the past couple of years exploring all types of apps and tools. Like most people I've gone through using things such as EverNote, OneNote and all types of popular apps.i

The Advanced Tools

After going hardcore into finding something more powerful I ended up learning everything I could about power user tools made for programmers such as Vim and Emacs.

I'm actually building this website from emacs (more specifically Spacemacs with hugo and ox-hugo) I've come a long way with it.

I've come to a place where I use tools such as the all powerful org-mode in emacs with the most powerful package called org-roam. Now that I've come to the point where I want to teach everything I know for someone who wants to build a powerful knowledge base out of their notes, I realize the huge task it would be to teach tools such as vim and emacs.

What To Look For In A Knowledge Base Tool?

I've been exploring tools that offer power user features, but are also user friendly for someone starting out.

I've been looking for the following essential features:

  • Future Proof (You own your files)
  • Vim Keybindings (Power user shortcuts to never touch the mouse)
  • Interconnection of notes (For building a non-hierarchical system which replicates the way our brain works
  • bidirectional linking (backlinks)

The Right Tool For The Job

I think I finally found the tool I'll use to teach everything I know to creative people who are non-programmers who want to become power users when it comes to building their second brains, digital garden or personal wiki.

The right tool is Obsidian. You'll be hearing more about it once I launch my course teaching everything I know about knowledge management using this amazing tool.

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